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The Profitability Project

The Profitability Project is a unique grant opportunity for small woman-owned businesses. 

A $2,500 grant is being awarded in November, 2022 as part of Women's Entrepreneurship Day This grant can be used for any legitimate business expense and is dedicated to helping build sustainable MWBE businesses through supportive services and financial assistance opportunities.  

How do you become eligible for this grant? Review the eligibility requirements.  If your business qualifies, apply using the link on this page.

This is grant is being funded by Mission Two X, a non-profit company that provides supportive services and coaching to Small Businesses free of charge.  

This grant is being marketed by Breaking the Barriers Development Group and Two X Consulting.  Two women-owned business that provide supportive services, mentorship and collaborate to help small business owners grow their business and achieve success.

Application deadline is November 1, 2022.  



Eligibility Requirements

Social media

  • Have at least one business social media account

  • Follow sponsors on social media and connect on the sponsors' Social Connect page

  • Sign a social media release


  • EIN number (tax ID) required

  • State business registration required

  • No MLMs (multi-level marketing)

  • Must be in business at least 12 months

  • Woman owner (at least 51% ownership)


  • Complete application

  • Upload a video

  • Upload a photo of business owner (no memes)

  • Must be at least 18 years of age


  • Upload a 1-3 minute video describing how a $2,500 grant would help your business and what you plan to do with the money

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The Social Connect Page

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All applicants will be added to our social connect page. Our social connect page is a new virtual networking concept.

Our goal is to have as many small business owners connect with each other to build a virtual small business community, develop connections, encourage and support one another and hopefully get inspired. Think of it like a virtual business card. 


On the social connect page your photo, company name, owner's name and radio buttons that are connected to your company social media sites, and website will be displayed.  Think about it as “free” marketing. Everyone who applies for the grant will learn about your company, Everyone who visits our sponsors' sites can learn about your business.


Starting August 1 through November 1 we will be choosing one business from the applicants to be highlighted on our social media pages, email blasts, and various marketing pieces, leading up to our big WBE Networking event in honor of National Women in Business Month. The 112 Woman-owned Businesses that are chosen will have the opportunity to add a personal touch to the highlight.  

Are you ready to Apply?

Step 1: Follow sponsors on social media 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Step 2: Apply for the Grant! 

NOTE:  Be sure to have your video and photo already prepared before starting the grant application.

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