Careers and Internships


Hey there, let me be the first to tell you,Thank you for believing in our mission and goals enough to want to join us. Our environment is a little different then what your probably use to but we are excited about that..


When I started BTB I knew right away what kind of atmosphere I wanted for my team and myself.  

When I walk in the door I want that feeling... You know the one where you know this is where you belong, this is where you are suppose to be. Where your voice, ideas, opinions actually matter! Where you TRULY BELIEVE change and equality can happen. Where you can do your best work in a style and way that allows you to shine. Where you will have a team who is supportive, motivating, and uplifting. Where your efforts will be noticed.


If you want to make a difference in the lives of our local Small Business Owners,which will positively transform and impact our local community, Then Breaking the Barriers Development Group is where you need to be. Submit your resume, and cover letter explaining why you would like to join our tribe and what passion or skills your bringing to BTB.

Current openings:

  • Make up Artist 

  • Photographer 

  • Graphic Designer

  • Social Media Influence

  • Office Admin

  • Bookkeeper

  • Tax Professional

  • Business Development SME's

  • Event Planner

  • Public Relations / Branding 

  • Document Management Specialist

  • Writer

  • Product Branding Influencer ( Printing Tshirts )


Our internship program allows young adults the opportunity to gain work experience before hitting the real world workforce. With our interns we believe school, sports, and being a kid are all very important in the development of a young adult. We have a variety of flexible schedules to accommodate the busy demanding high school life.

Accepting Intern Applications for the following schools:

  • Hamilton West High School

  • Trenton High School

  • Bordentown Regional High School