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We are a full-service Business Development group. We’ve guided countless clients to help them reach their business goals.


Breaking The Barriers Development Group offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. 

Using our proven end-to-end methods, we’ll build a plan to help your business succeed. When you work with BTB, OUR team becomes YOUR team! This gives you a full-range of experts and an exceptional supportive staff who are committed to helping your business succeed.


Grant Applications submitted with $477,000 in grants awarded


SBA Loan applications submitted with

$2.7mil in loans awarded


Applications Approved for Funding


Jobs secured during the Pandemic


Dina Gonzales Nemeth


"I have a passion for helping businesses grow and become profitable, so YOU the owner can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. I want to help you create a Legacy while having a positive impact on the community. Let's be great together!"



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With more than 25 years of experience in helping businesses grow, I have the knowledge and expertise to think outside the box. 


I am a creative problem solver with a strong ability to connect with clients on various levels. I provide a motivating, positive atmosphere to maximize morale, results and productivity.


With my multicultural background and experience working within our communities, not only do I capitalize on valuable opportunities and strong relationships, but I am passionate and driven.  


My background includes 25 years of customer service/client relation services, 14 years of sales/marketing, and 9 years of business development with mentoring more than 639 CEOs.

​I have access to loan products, lenders who entertain pre-revenue start-ups and other capital opportunities.  In essence, I know people and have an established network.  

I advocate growing a business responsibly and educating business owners in all phases of being the CEO of their company.


Phone: 609-336-3731



1 N. Johnston Ave

Building A   Suite 203

Hamilton NJ 08609


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